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Near the Big Wild Goose Pagoda, Tang Paradise is located in the Qujiang Resort, southeast of the Xian City, Shaanxi Province. It is a newly opened tourist attraction in April, 2005. Tang Paradise covers a total area of 1000 mu (about 165 acres) and of which 300 mu (about 49 acres) is water. This tourist attraction not only claims to be the biggest cultural theme park in the northwest region of China but also the first royal-garden-like park to ...[Detail]

North Square of Big Wild Goose PagodaCovering an area of some 110,000 square meters and with an investment cost of 500 million Yuan, this is the largest music fountain square in Asia. The large-scale musical fountain is quite amazing. Here also you can see eight groups of magnificent sculptures and forty delightfully landscaped areas. This is not only one of the most impressive squares in China but is also becoming an important national monument ...[Detail]

QuJiangChi is a famous historical site in Xi'an,which had had a great scale in Qin dynasty, is a royal garden, and a famous scenic spot in Chang'an city.for representation of the magnificent sights of QuJiangChi, Xi'an government made a large scale construction of recovery in this historical site in recent years. The built QuJiangChi site park integrates history culture protection, ecological garden, landscape scenery, leisure tourism ...[Detail]

Xingqinggong Park is located near Xingqinggong ruins in the North part of Xainning Road. The park is considered the largest park in Xi'an covering an area of 50 hectares (124 acres). The main spot is Xingqing Lake with much architecture around it, including Yingbing Bridge, Mudan Bridge and Qu Bridge. Additionally, there is a beautiful Tang Style pavilion, Chenxiang, Calyx's Xianghui Building and Diligent Building.The site proper, ...[Detail]

Xi'an Botanical Garden was established in 1959, one of 12 earliest botanical gardens established by the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Its primary tasks are basic investigation of plant applications, plant introduction and domestication, preservation of germplasm, and popularizing botanical knowledge. Our garden is in Xi'an, at the centre of China, 34°13' N, 108°58' E, at an elevation of 434-442 m (1424-1450 ft), in a warm-temperate ...[Detail]

The peony is among the longest-used flowers in ornamental culture and is one of the creature national emblems in China. Along with the plum blossom, it is a traditional floral symbol of China. It is also known as "flower of riches and honor," and is used symbolically in Chinese art.Peony Garden is located in Hu County, Xi'an Auntie, 10 km south of Auntie springs village wells, located in Zhongnanshan Mountain. There is a spring for ...[Detail]

Qing Feng of Xi'an High-tech Development Zone is located in the north of the park, Taoyuan South Road, at the northwest corner of the junction of South Second Ring, Xi'an, in the original site of the old airport, converted. Construction of the ecological landscape of modern blend of historical and cultural landscape of the imperial garden, its main architectural style of Tang Dynasty. The entire park, including Mexico, Hong Mei Zhu, Jia ...[Detail]

The Revolution Park, covering an area of 150 mu, is located to the north of Xi'an's Xiwu Road. It was founded in February 1927 to commemorate the military and civilian casualties when the National Army of Shaanxi struggled to defend Xi'an on the eve of the Northern Expedition. Moreover, tombs, the Martyrs' Shrine and the Revolution Pavilion were built in the park for visitors to pay their respects to the victims. In the fountain ...[Detail]

Area of the wall around the city park is surrounded by a large public welfare Park a week. Park main line of the ancient city walls, supplemented by green around the city, surrounded by a moat, and the ancient city wall with each other.In addition to well within the park around the green, but also has a fitness gallery, with a variety of fitness and leisure facilities, public morning exercise, walking, sitting a good place.TrafficFrom outside the ...[Detail]

Labor Park is located in No. 20 Tuanjie East Road, Xi'an, and is a small leisure garden park. Good green park, planting a variety of flowers and evergreen species. Park has an artificial lake, but also set up a fitness and recreational facilities, public recreation, exercise haunts.TrafficBy 24,201,223 bus stop in the East can be united.Tickets: Free [Detail]